Unravel 2014

Cindy Lin and Meagan Streader
Colour paper, snails (Achatina Fulica, petri dish, snail waste
Dimensions variable

Inspired by Yogyakarta's Wonosadi Forest, this project aims to explore how the social unravels. A tessellated spiraled sculpture slowly changes in form with the consumption of cellulose pulp in paper by snails. The spiral paper unravels as snails nibble on it, producing new forms from its crystalline-structure.

UNRAVEL is a slimy biopunk philosophy. It wishes to articulate the role of the non-human in change. It serves as an analogue to the organic compounds which we consume, the waste it creates, the forms it translates into and the unexpected outputs we may encounter.

Further plans: Our plans for "UNRAVEL" is to make a larger and more complex sculpture exploring the potential of paper by introducing microorganisms.