Sewon FoodLab

A collaboration between Agus Tri Budiarto, Krisna Putra Waworuntu, Lintang Radittya, and Cindy Lin

This transnational collaboration aims to critically discuss, experiment and play with consumable matter is located at Sewon, Yogyakarta – a district particularly known for its population of art students, rice and spices farmers and other artists and crafts(wo)men. Due to Rumah Sewon‘s strategic location among rice fields, Sewon FoodLab serves as a space not only for urban farming and food experimentation but also acts as a springboard for critical discussion surrounding issues such as food safety and security, agricultural productivity, health and medicine, biodiversity, and in large, our human-nonhuman relations. We also hope to further this initiative by providing residences for bio-enthusiasts, farmers, molecular gastronomists, amateur hunters and foragers, and other food geeks in the future. The members of Sewon FoodLab are Agus Tri Budiarto, Cindy Lin Kaiying, Lintang Radittya, Krisna W Pandawa.

This is a project in progress. Visit our website to find out about our progress in food and herb geeking.