Jade 1: For an Activist

"With whose blood were my eyes crafted?"
– Donna Haraway, "Situated Knowledges

"His body was tired. And now, we finish his maps."

How to figure a sound recording not only as an audible playback, but also as a parametrical representation of vibrations per second? A field recording taken with kindred friends in West Kalimantan is programmed to stretch and wrap around a sphere every five seconds. Layers of sound frequencies calcify and sediment, with the model's contours marked by moments of pitch and loudness, from the calls of Azan to pattering rain.

A measured representation requires a zero and a time axis to produce a pure form, an equilibrium, a significant value. But its rendering also puts us in motion, opening up to new lines of inquiry, affects, adventures and knowing. Same Jade Thrice examines how we actively register and name differences with figures, images and models. A series of works aims to draw together sensory experiences and their representations, making curious what is lost and gained in the perverted lure of geometry and numbers. It calls into question how various imaging, cartographic and simulation techniques both see and unsee, make and make visible, present and represent the "really real".

Note: For an Activist
, the first of a series of work in Same Jade Thrice, is displayed at DoIIIT's permanent gallery at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The field recording was taken in the company of friends and land activists in Borneo, June 2016. Yujin, Jeff Chuan-Che Huang and Yu-Jen Lin co-built the model.