Recent News

Jul ‘20:  Delighted to share that I am awarded the Rackham One-Term Dissertation Fellowship!

Jun ‘20: Thrilled to announce that our article “Scaling Techno-Optimistic Visions” has been published at Engaging Science, Technology, and Society!

Jun ‘20: Served as discussant at Mellon
Sawyer Seminar on Histories of AI: A Genealogy of Power
on the theme of “Hidden Labor”.

Apr ‘20: My essay “How to Make a Forest” has been published on e-flux!

Mar ‘20: Happy to say that “Technoprecarious,” a book co-authored with fantastic colleagues at the University of Michigan, UC San Diego, The New School, Cornell University, University of Toronto, and UC Irvine will be avaliable from November 2020!

Dec ’19: Our co-authored “Digital Precarity Manifesto” is out on Social Text.

Jun ‘19: Honored to share that our article "Hacking Difference in Indonesia: The Ambivalences of Designing for Alternative Futures" has been awarded Recognition of Contribution to Diversity and Inclusion at DIS’19!