Recent News

Apr ‘21: I am invited for a talk entitled “Minimal Cloud: A Postcolonial (Low Carbon) Approach to Environmental Data Infrastructure and Computing” at the Low Carbon Methods & Media 2021 Lecture Series: register to watch me talk about cloud computing!

Mar ‘21: Serving on a panel, “Extensions of the Nonhuman: Models of Media in a Mechanic Present”, at SCMS 21! 

Mar ‘21: Happy to be presenting and chatting about Technoprecarious with co-authors at UC Irvine’s Labor Tech Research Network and UC Irvine’s Department of Film and Media Studies!

Nov ‘20: Excited to be selected as an ESIP Community Fellow 2021 in the Machine Learning Cluster!

Jul ‘20:  Delighted to share that I am awarded the Rackham One-Term Dissertation Fellowship!

Jun ‘20: Thrilled to announce that our article “Scaling Techno-Optimistic Visions” has been published at Engaging Science, Technology, and Society!

Jun ‘20: Served as discussant at Mellon
Sawyer Seminar on Histories of AI: A Genealogy of Power
on the theme of “Hidden Labor”.

Apr ‘20: My essay “How to Make a Forest” has been published on e-flux!

Mar ‘20: Happy to say that “Technoprecarious,” a book co-authored with fantastic colleagues at the University of Michigan, UC San Diego, The New School, Cornell University, University of Toronto, and UC Irvine will be avaliable from November 2020!