Cindy Lin is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in the School of Information and Science, Technology, and Society Program.


Cindy’s research and writing draw on long-term fieldwork with engineers, geoscientists, and cloud architects in government and industry, to examine the politics of computational labor and data architectures for subterranean peatland fire control in Indonesia. She also studies how data science is enrolled in debates on environmental issues that experience extreme scientific uncertainty and misinformation. Her work has been published in leading computing venues including ACM CHI, DIS, and PD and has been featured in Social Text and CoDesign. Cindy is the co-author of Technoprecarious (Goldsmiths Press/MIT Press, 2020), a multigraph written with Precarity Lab analyzing the role of digital technology in multiplying precarity. She is also the co-director of DoIIIT, an interactive design and making studio.