DILDOMANCY [micro.organism – 4 macropleasure] 2014

PECHBLENDA, Fred Kuang-Yi Ku, Tamara Pertamina, Cindy Lin
sound, black box, pen & paper, wax dildos, motion sensor
Variable size

PECHBLENDA, Fred Ku and Cindy's previous endeavors with dildo making during HACKTERIALAB 2014 have been inspired by Effi Tarner who has created several DIY dildos. Fred Ku, Cindy Lin and PECHBLENDA wanted to create dildos with shapes inspired by microbes and microorganisms commonly found in Yogyakarta’s Kali Code – an infamous river shunned by bureaucrats as a host for life requiring of planning, management and surveillance.

Microorganism formed dildo sculptures on candle wax exhibition
Molds of dildos exhibition
Sensor Motion motors
Body live mannequins

Further plans:
Remove censorship together
Put electronics devices inside dildos