Institute of Vibrant Biota

The Institute of Vibrant Biota (IVB) investigates the relations between electromagnetic fields (EMF), cognition, and the microbial landscapes of our bodies and environment. Taking up French virologist Luc Montagnier's controversial report on bacterial radio transmission, we aim to detect and amplify the electrons and signals thought to propagate life —  from microbes to the shit we leave behind.  

Recent developments on Montagnier’s work, 

Consider an electron which can move around a bacterial DNA loop including the windings of helices and along the ordered water layers within which the DNA is stored.

Although biochemical reactions are often described in terms of molecular contacts, electromagnetic signals can often be employed to allow chemical reaction control at a distance. The photosynthetic reactions are a classic case of chemical reaction control via electromagnetic signal propagation. At frequencies much less than the optical, there is a clear electromagnetic signal propagation in E. coli bacterial communities. 

A series of electromagnetic walks and microbial sonic lines in the mix. Details soon.