human epiphragm prototype ver 1.0 2015

The "human epiphragm prototype ver 1.0" is one part of "Inter-entites: snail gazes back" (2015) exhibited at Urban Explorations 2015 Paris

"Inter-entities: snail gazes back" is a series of artifacts and tools designed to study the adaptive features of land snails. It aims to examine how humans relate with non-humans in contact zones. I crafted a few tools to collect scientific data from the field. Doing so helps me asks, "How is the field made? What makes data, information?"

During my artist residency in Paris, I learned about the mucus feature of snails called the epiphragm. The epiphragm prevents snails from losing water and defends them from predating, creating periodic protected homes in unfavorable conditions.

I decided to craft epiphragms to wear. Perhaps a playful attempt at inter-species intimacies, the sculpture hopes to provoke questions related to accountability in the era some have called the Anthropocene. How much can humans escape or even daringly, attempt to reform the already “end-world”, anthropogenic circumstances we are in?

Human epiphragm prototypes are designed and photographed by Cindy Lin
Human epiphragm prototypes' photographs are edited and modelled by Chong Wei Xin