Cindy Lin is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in the School of Information and Science, Technology, and Society Program. Her research focuses on how computational techniques transform environmental monitoring and enforcement in Indonesia. Her work has been published in leading computing venues including ACM CHI, DIS, and PD and has been featured in Social Text and CoDesign. She has worked in multidisciplinary collaborations such as Precarity Lab and co-directed DoIIIT, an interactive design studio.

︎ You Are the Ocean by Özge Samanci & Gabriel Caniglia



My dissertation project explores how the earth and computer sciences are practiced to regulate and prevent deforestation in Indonesia, centering on how algorithmic design and data technologies shape and redefine policing. My case studies include state cartographic labor and automated delineation of forest and plantation borders, as well as the design of early warning deforestation systems and national database infrastructures, each implicated in how multiple experts understand nature, legality, and the prevention of forest destruction.