DIY Personal Lubricant 2014

A collaboration between Cindy Lin and Agus Tri Budiarto, Lifepatch


Cassava Flour / Flour Kanji
Corn Flour / Maize
Distilled water or boiled water


Weighing Scale
250ml Beaker

Recipe (as adapted from Lifepatch's Personal Lubricant)

1. Weigh materials to be used, 3 grams of corn flour and 2 grams of starch. Viscosity of DIY lubricant has already been standardized. However, this can be altered according to personal preference

2. Combine flour and corn starch with 100ml water or distilled water to cook evenly by mixing.

3. Prepare a pot and fill with water and then heat to medium heat.

4. Place flour mixture into the beaker.

5. Stir the mixture of water and flour until thickened.

6. Wait until cool to wear.

7. Try to wear it by hand to find out if there is an allergic reaction in the body.

8. Try to apply on condoms or other sexual aids.