PhD candidate Information Uni of Michigan

I study how models and maps of earth and land are crafted and shared in Indonesia. This sometimes involves understanding how people and machines measure and classify with metrics, data standards, software and infrastructure.

In particular, I examine how scientific and mathematical claims of accuracy, of a true value, as opposed to precision, are made. On what grounds does accuracy have purchase on the design of carbon markets is a starting point of my inquiry. 

I make models and installations to write. I show some of this under Sound and Art. I do best working with others. Some of them belong to hacker groups, DoIIIT and DIYbioSG. Selected publications can be found in Writings.

I am part of Making Sensory Ethnography, a workshop at University of Michigan that convenes practice and method around the prefix sensory, examining how it expands, challenges, or align with ethnographic engagements.